Summer Without Mosquitos.

Indoors and on terraces, SUMMER is the AROMALABORATORY® mosquito repellent, with natural citronella, which will make your hotels, shops, homes, etc, the most sustainable and comfortable mosquito-free space of the summer.

Always carry it with you, thanks to its travel size, and perfume your clothes, your children's clothes, the hotel rooms where you are going to spend your holidays this summer, your car,... and all around your body, its natural aromatherapeutical scent is skin-friendly.

AROMALABORATORY® mosquito repellent repels these tedious flying insects, to avoid bites, as well as the itching and discomfort they can cause, and improves the feeling of well-being in your facilities during the hottest season of the year, even in gastronomic spaces, due to its balancing, refreshing and thermoregulating capacity, free of toxins and non-contaminating for foodstuffs.

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