Unique, as you.

In terms of Balance, Social Self-Confidence and Strength, these are the 3 organic and aromatherapeutic mists of Aromalaboratory® that we propose today to have a Joyfull Holiday Season. Let's talk about what makes them unique:

THE NATURE > Provides you emotional balance. Use it when you are going to be exposed to public, social and privacy environments. It is the basic one that rescues you from emotional stress, prevents acne with a continued use. Relieve and calm when you have hot flashes (menopause). It is the one that offers us rescue derived from hormonal changes. All women should have one on hand! Its fresh and rustic perfume is a haven of conscious love.

THE GATHERING > Mental clarity, security and empathy in society. Do you go out with friends this Holidays? Do you have a company dinner? Do you have a family meeting at Chistmas Night?, so this is the mist with which you should perfume yourself. Always carry it in your hand bag! At any time it can relieve you from a moment of mental fatigue or if you feel exhausted. Girls, over the makeup is ideal, thanks to its sanitizing, soothing and purifying rose water principles. You will shine again and feel renewed in seconds to go into the social life.

COURAGE > Strength and willpower. Use it especially at night or in your moments of intimacy, with you are in family. Combine it with the previous ones in the first instance. Use it when you feel weakness or need more courage to reach your goals. It is great  to prepare your intimate space for yoga, meditation, etc. Its woody perfume is highly comforting and will help your breathwork. 

Please feel free to ask If you need recommendation. We are at your disposal to help you choose those Purifying Mists that will make your everydaylife easier, successful, healthy and beautiful. Also stockish would answer your doubts and will suggest you the mist that suits you best. 

Thank you! 

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