Live a unique fragrant experience!

New sessions in December! Live a unique fragrant experience at  Aromalaboratory Atelier !

The Perfume Tasting includes:

Presentation of the firm and introduction to sustainable perfumery: history of perfume, organically grown botanicals, distillation methods, wellness perfumes, etc.

Tasting session of 3 of the current Perfume Collections: Presentation of the Orchestra permanent collection, and the exclusive collections: Amanecer  and 39 Forever Young where participants will be able to test their ability to smell and recognise bouquets, notes, etc.

A sample set of AROMALABORATORY perfume will be given to the participants.


Friday 10 December at 19:30h.

Friday 17 Decemberat 19:30h

Price: 27€/ person. Returned if you buy a perfume during the session.

Limited places: Small groups of 5 people.


Duration: 1h 15min

Location: C/ Santa Marta 29 Local 2 Castelldefels (Barcelona)


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