Back to Office.

The office will no longer be what it was in post-lockdown times. Or at least until the epidemic is fully controlled.

Experts predict that it will take a long time to travel to meet again and that sharing long work tables, chairs, computers, office supplies, etc., will only be possible with good disinfection in between and with a reduction in the density of workers, to be organized in shifts.

Going back to an office of "isolated cells" we know that it is no longer productive, therefore we will have to provide ourselves with a good disinfectant and reduce mass contacts.

In this way, disinfection is and will be the key to keeping work spaces safe during the pandemic. The hand sanitizer at the entrance of the office will give us a good morning from now on. It is essential to keep hands clean, free of viruses and pathogenic bacteria at all times. Each workstation must also be disinfected: tables, chairs, etc., as well as the bathrooms, common areas, and the environment must be thoroughly sanitized. Not to mention the carpeted spaces, an essential daily and continuous ritual.

Opting for a disinfectant that does not intoxicate or damage our skin and lungs will be essential, not only to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but also to preserve the health of the worker.

AROMALABORATORY® disinfectant, made from medicinal plant extracts, provides safe aseptic spaces, indoor air quality and well-being. Disinfecting surfaces, fabrics, the environment and our hands often with AROMALABORATORY® will be essential to advance in our day-to-day life, to stay healthy and productive.



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