Wanderlust. Paris 2021.

Travelling with AROMALABORATORY® is more beautiful, safer and more exciting!

Let's find out!

Perfume yourself with RESISTENCIA (STAMINA) Personal Purifier, especially if you are up early to catch your first flight. Its anti-fatigue and aseptic active ingredients will help keep you energised, vibrant and hygienic around the body, as well as your skin cleaner and more moisturised against pollution, stuffy environments and crowds of people.

Sanitize and harmonize the hotel room with the Aromatherapy Home Scent. MAR AZUL in travel size (55ml). It is perfect to make it your own and feel protected during your stay.

We suggest you the elegant Precious Organic Perfume: LA with notes of grapefruit, sylvester pine and Atlas cedar. Great for strolling around Place Vendôme, Saint Honoré and Galeríes Lafayette.

After a chilly day visiting the city, there's nothing like arriving at the hotel, taking a nice hot shower and scenting your pillow with BLACK PACHOULI. Its warm, oriental and sylvan notes make you feel welcome and safe.

In the morning a clean beauty routine! (organic and toxic-free) : The Anti-Aging Balm with Botox effect (super nourishing) for combination skin and 39 Forever Young Perfume with organic roses, gaiac wood and thyme. 

The day is promising! ;) Walk along the Seine, exhibition at the Petit Palais and Eiffel Tower.

First, petit-déjeuner in one of the city's best-loved cafés, and always, with the Organic Sanitizer at hand.

À bientôt, Paris! 
See you soon!


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