Zermatt with Bloom Neroli Aromatherapy Perfume.

Being perfumed with Bloom Neroli Aromatherapy Perfume is much more than just delighting in its intense bouquet of true jasmine and neroli flowers. Being a luxury in itself, -ALO Atelier Perfumes are the true expression of nature- perfuming yourself aromatherapeutically with Bloom Neroli Perfume also wraps you in a halo of hope, deep faith, radiance and serenity contemplating, listening, discovering, enjoying, finding,...

During this dreamy trip to the Swiss Alps, Bloom Neroli Perfume has been the perfume with which we have discovered the village of Zermatt, the perfume to vibrate with in an extraordinary way.

Zermatt's solemn nature is fascinating, Matterhorn is breathtaking. The village is luxuriously attractive, both in terms of tourism and gastronomy, and is home to skiing, snowboarding and other mountain sports. It is worthy mention that motor vehicles are not allowed and this makes it a place with an outstanding commitment to the environment.

Zermatt is enchanting. Just like its history and its church; the moments of rest, silence and connection that one finds in this temple, crowned with a great Noah's Ark, are renewing. Zermatt exhibits its rural past almost as a museum, nothing is destroyed, everything is preserved as a memory, as a trace of the primitive, of the germ that has made a small village in the canton of Valais grow into an extremely precious location.

Discovering its shopping streets, full of beautiful shops and allowing yourself to be seduced by a stroll, requires a stop to taste the sweet delights of the best Swiss chocolate and, of course, take a touch-up in the bath with Bloom Neroli Perfume, which comes in your bag, and so continue, perfumed, renewed, discovering new enclaves of this wonderful place.



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