Organic Aromatherapy Purifying Mists. THE COLLECTION with ORGANISER. 55ml.

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This gift box with the 8 AROMALABORATORY® Air Purifying Classics is presented in a beautiful oak wood organiser.

8 organic aromatherapy purifying mists, environmental protectors, that sanitise our Personal Space, when exposed to pollution, free radicals, pollen, etc.

They soothe, thermoregulate and offer relief and emotional balance in the event of a stress peak, a feeling of fatigue and decay, hot flushes, sleep disorders, etc. They restore emotional well-being by improving the dynamics of the individual in public, social and intimate spheres.

They are also a beautiful way of perfuming around the body in a natural and toxic-free way. In addition, their antioxidant active ingredients prevent cellular aging; they are fabulous anti-aging.

Take care of your beauty in a holistic way with these 8 Personal Purifiers, and look your best anytime, anywhere.

100% from chemotyped essential oils from organic agriculture.

0%Parabens 0% Isolates 0%Phthalates 0%Colourings 0%Musketones 0%Artificial fixatives 0% Synthetic parfum.

8 units x 55ml and organiser.