Organic Mosquito Repellent. Aromatherapy Room Scent. SUMMER. 500ml.

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Aromatherapy Mosquito Repellent, Organic, from chemotyped essential oils of Citronella, Lemongrass, etc.

It Repels mosquitoes without DEET
Fragrance indicated for spaces where there are babies, children, pregnant women, people allergic to dust, mites, pollen, people with chemical sensitivity (SQM), etc. Does not produce drowsiness. Does not contaminate the environment or foodstuffs. Does not corrode surfaces. You can spray it around the body over the clothes. 

Its refreshing and Mediterranean aroma thermoregulates and tempers fiery atmospheres, especially during the warmer months. It has a very pleasant freshly cut grassy bouquet.

It Can be used indoors, as well as outdoors and in textiles.

Indoors, scent the room and curtains to create protective barriers. Outdoors scent on upholstery, lamps, textiles, and furniture. On clothes it is perfect when you are going to be on terraces or outdoors. It is soft and it is delicate in contact with skin and hair.

Suitable for children and adults.

As Scent Identity in bussiness areas, with a soothing, neutralizing scent, it is also recommended in spaces where the client needs to feel in a serene environment, balance and empathy. Good in wellness and beauty centres, sports clubs, hotels and restaurants, furniture and decoration studios, domestic spaces, especially in summertime. 

Summer naturally sanitises the environment and fabrics. It is anti-dust mite, fungicide, antibacterial and virucide.

Improves air quality by ionising it. Neutralises free radicals from electromagnetic devices and external pollution, improving the feeling of well-being, refreshing and purifying the air.

Fragrance from certified organic farming chemotyped essential oils.

Recommended for scenting gastronomic spaces, due to its 100% botanical, toxic-free fragrant nature.

0% Parabens 0% Abrasive detergents 0% Phthalates 0% Dyes 0% Musketones 0% Artificial fixatives and enhancers 0% Artificial fragrances 0% Isolates.

Bottled in recyclable topaz glass.